Music Mentors

Don’t start with Music Lessons, start with Music Mentors.

Liberty Music Mentors is trying something different.

Think of it as a Free-Music-Lesson-Test-Drive…with friends!

Monthly Group Mentorship

1st Sunday of Every Month 8:30 AM - 9:15 AM


As Music Mentors, we believe that we can raise up future generations of leaders and help create a legacy of music appreciation in your family.


We believe your child is a part of that next generation of leaders that will change the world. 


Students ages 3-13 and their parents are welcome to join our Monthly Group Mentorship at Central Park in Woodbury MN. 




We teach basic rhythmic concepts that can be applied towards any future/current instrument they’ll play. Parents will also learn concepts to bring back to their home while listening to music they love and continue their learning back home.