Music Mentors

Liberty Music Mentors offers monthly group mentor sessions as well as weekly

1 on 1 training for young students from beginner to expert. 



If you’re a parent of a child who LOVES music, there’s nothing that compares to seeing their growing confidence. Their minds are so curious and they’re constantly asking questions. And questions and curiosity require clarity and direction and engaged teaching. 


Now here’s the reality, whether we want to be or not… all of us grow up and become role models, whether to our future children, coworkers, bosses, spouse, or family. …

This means that when we’re young, we NEED roles models, mentors, people who can demonstrate genuine love and appreciation for WHO we are. SO THAT, when WE become role models, WE’ve been shown how to live, how to teach, how to communicate what’s in us. 


At Liberty Music Mentors, this is our desire. 



Help your student grow in confidence by giving them time to learn from music mentors who genuinely care for their students. In our 1st of the month group sessions, we teach basic rhythmic concepts that can be applied towards any future/current instrument they’ll play. Parents will also learn concepts to bring back to their home while listening to music they love and continue their learning back home.